Saturday, May 24, 2014

Surgery Day 1 & 2

Day 1: Cora was in surgery about 3 hours. I was finally called back to the recovery room and immediately broke down in tears. I was so grateful that it was over, that she was ok, and that the surgery went well! Her incision is about an inch which continued to have a little drainage throughout the day. Her G tube looked great, it is weird to see something like that stitched to your body inside and out. I wasn't expecting another nose tube but that and another one was for draining her stomach. Overall, everything went well.
This is Cora still sleepy and transferred to her room on floor 3.
When she woke up from the anesthesia she was pretty irritable and inconsolable. I cried. I didn't know what to do and was afraid to pick her up because I didn't want to hurt her little tummy. It was hard to see her in pain like that. So I rang for the nurse. I rang for him at least five times in ten minutes because I didn't know what to do. Her IV almost came out so they reinforced it with a board, taped it all, and then put a brace around it so she can't kick it all off. The IV was saved, thank goodness (the anesthesiologist had to poke her at least 10 times in the OR to finally get the one in her foot).

Around 7:30 Lance, Mom, and Kimball came to visit Cora in the hospital. We all stayed for about 30 minutes but were too starving so we all went to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory (also our anniversary night). Kimball actually took this picture.
Day 2: Cora had a rough time around 10:30am. I couldn't console her, wasn't sure if she was in pain, didn't know what to do. This time I held her and we rocked for a long time. She continued to have a few rough moments throughout the day, I'm assuming the pain meds were wearing off but I managed to get her to smile here and there.

A few months ago Lance got tickets to Wicked for our anniversary. He gave them to me as a gift last month when we out for a date when Donna was here. I was so excited! However, poor timing because there was no way for us to know that Cora would be in the hospital at the same time. We made it work though. Mom came to the hospital to be with Cora and a babysitter went to the house to be with Kimball. Lance and I were originally going to eat at a place called Clinkerdaggers right on the water but the wait time was too long and we wouldn't have made it to the show in time. So we ate at the Olive Garden instead. It was a rushed dinner but delicious and it was so great that it was just Lance and I. With him being gone for a whole week but all of this medical chaos, we definitely needed the time together. The show was fantastic! So good, I would go see it again in a heart beat. Happy nine years my lovey!!

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Christine said...

What a trooper she has been through all of this. She has such a sweet and happy disposition. She is getting so big! I'm glad everything went well and she is on the mend. Love you sis!