Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Random Pictures

I've been so behind on blogging because of doctor appointments for Cora. They seem endless the last few weeks! For the sake of time, here's a bunch of pictures taken over the last three weeks.

This is how Cora sleeps: on her Tucker Wedge & Sling

 This makes me laugh so hard! Kimball had mouth full of fruit snacks and that intense riding face? Priceless. He really got that airplane going.
Lance was gone all week long last week so I came up with a few activities to do with Kimball. This is "painting" in the bath tub with blue shaving cream tinted with food coloring. Next time I'm skipping the food coloring altogether.
 While Daddy was gone, we did facetime so Lance could tuck in Kimball. Here they're singing the popcorn song together.

Kimball and I also made this silky, stretchy play dough. And that's exactly it, super silky and soft but not quite as moldable as regular play dough. To make it you mix together: 2 cups cornstarch and 1 cup cheap conditioner. That's it.

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