Friday, May 30, 2014

Surgery Day 5

Day 5: Cora did great on the pedialyte and formula. When Dr. Chan checked in on us that morning he said she could even try a bottle but I was much too reluctant. I didn't want her to regress or damage the surgery sites or anything so I decided not to try any oral feeds at all. Much to my surprise, we went home Sunday night. I certainly wasn't expecting to go home that quick since the first three days were a little rough but Cora did great and tolerated the formula perfectly!

Saturday night during their visit, Lance and Kimball found the toys at the end of one of the hallways. Lance was riding the biggest tricycle I've ever seen, it was industrial size or something and it even said the capacity load was 600 lbs. I thought it was really funny and even had inflatable tires like on a car.

I stayed at the hospital every night and was there for most of the day. Some evenings I took an hour or two to get out of the hospital or spend time with Kimball. On days that I didn't go home we did facetime and he even chatted with his sister.

 I love this picture, that's the Watson gene right there!

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