Friday, October 3, 2014

Cox Reunion 2014

Two weeks ago we drove down to Boise for the Cox reunion. It was such a loooooong drive!! Nevertheless, we had a great time eating, talking, singing, playing, etc. Friday was the Cousin's Carnival and Allison rented a bounce house for the day (genius). Donna and the girls planned out carnival games where the kids won tokens to cash in for prizes. It was so fun watching the kids play together all day! They loved all their new goodies and toys which were especially delightful for us on the way home as they helped keep Kimball entertained. Saturday we visited the zoo and had a picnic at the park. In the evening we had an adult dinner at the Olive Garden. That day we also made a quick 15 minute stop to see Grandma and Grandpa Watson to say hello. Grandma even let Kimball raid her M&M bowl, hence the baggie of M&Ms. It was a lovely time but we're not making that drive for a long time - I swear it gets longer and longer every time!

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Christine said...

Ok, that picture of kimball and the goat is so adorable! One of my favorites :)