Saturday, October 18, 2014

Old Pictures From Lance's Phone-These Go Way Back to February

Random shots from around the house, Cora is about 3 or 4 months here. Or maybe two months.....I don't know!
 Oh! Poor baby....laying on a towel to soak up the horrible spit up.

This picture is bittersweet, it was the kid's first bath together and I had to take a picture of that. But it hurts seeing how skinny Cora was, how much she hated baths, and seeing her awful rash which was luckily not in it's worst stage yet. Just so many problems yet to be diagnosed and treated which makes me cringe - she was in so much pain and discomfort! I just didn't know how to help her. I guess when I look at the picture I'm also flooded with guilt.

Oh poor baby! This was the adorably cute Easter outfit Donna got for Cora and it just drowned her. She was so little because she couldn't keep anything down, I always had towels or blankets under her.
Singing Valentines!

Easter Part 2: My visiting teachers invited over their whole list of sisters for an easter egg hunt and treats. It was nice! Left to right is Julie Ramos, Liz Roe, me, Rika Stokes, Heidi Lewis, and Dana Batt. (Rika is holding Cora).

These are a few from work. 
1. Lance's boss Caryn (left), pictured with Laurie
2. A few are various ones from a company bbq dinner
3. The eagle picture......This is great! Lance went to a week long trip to Portland to attend a series of manager training meetings. Throughout the week the participants all voted on who brought the most to the table - the winner was Lance and he won this ginormous eagle painting which is currently hung in his office.

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