Sunday, October 19, 2014


  • Kimball has been doing awesome with his potty training. He does great if he's naked or wearing underwear but once the pants are on, he has accidents. We haven't tried going to the store in underwear yet but I'm hoping to do that this week.
  • Cora Belle just develops so quickly now, I can barely keep up! It's a wonderful kind of keep up I'm not complaining. Last week Ginette said she'd be crawling in a month. Nope! It's official as of today - crawling is her main mode of transportation! She's also started pulling herself up onto her knees and I'm shocked. I just did not expect her to develop so quickly after her surgery. 
  • Jan did Cora's reevaluation this week and she's at about 6 months for her eating. This week I'll get further details and a full written report from all of the therapists at the school. She passed both the hearing tests and I'm eager to see exactly where she is - the dysphagia and aspiration really sets her back but she's still made so much progress with her eating since the surgery. I'm anxious to get exact details. Oh! And pretzels, she can eat pretzels now which I didn't think would happen for several more months to come.
  • This week our schedule changes with the school. Thus far, Jan and Ginette both do in-home therapy with Cora, it has been so nice! But this week we are adding occupational therapy in-home and having ST and PT at the school back to back. I'm ready and really anxious to start doing it at the school, I know they have more and better equipment that isn't very portable and I'm anxious to meet more families at the school. It's going to be great, I'm so excited for Cora!
And something super cool, the owner of Chuck E. Cheese is Sam, an 85 year old man who opens up the restaurant twice a year for the Guild School staff and families. All of it is free of charge and unlimited pizza, pop, and tokens. We went to it this last Tuesday and it was so amazing to meet the other families who benefit from the Guild School and to meet other therapists and teachers. Such a humbling, joyful experience!

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