Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cognitive Intervention

Cora had her cognitive evaluation a few weeks ago and I thought she didn’t do well because the teacher said she was low in areas. I thought that was odd because from my observation I thought she did rather well. But the report say, “Cora’s cognitive skills are at the 14 month level…….shows her social-emotional development to be at 12 months.” She now has four therapies all of which are once a week, the last one added is Cognitive Intervention. She’s due to be reevaluated from PT, OT, and ST so I’m sure I’ll get those results in a week or two. 

Because either Cora or I have been sick I’ve had to postpone a lot of important doctor appointments for her and therefore don’t really have any updates on her. Although since eliminating those four allergens from her diet we’ve been so relieved to have the usual Cora back! It’s so refreshing and I really missed her!!!

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