Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Random Pictures

Lately Kimball falls asleep in the oddest places and at the most inconvenient times between 4-5pm.

 This girl is my climber through and through!

I finally got the rest of the house unpacked and put up home decor. Since we've had two living rooms for the past few years we had a lot of extra furniture which I sold online. With that extra cash I bought a few new things for the house - an area rug, curtains, accent chair, and couch. Although I don't like the couch so I'm going to find something else. It's been so nice to have the house done and looking like someone actually lives here. And, I've come to learn that curtains frame a room and are the single most important thing about a room besides paint color. I didn't choose these paint colors but I can say I love my new curtains!

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