Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cora The Champ

This particular day at school was AWESOME!!! Ginette had Cora on a little treadmill that she was harnessed into. At first she hated it because the tread was going so slow and she really pitched a fit for Ginette. But as speed picked up she loved it and did much better. She still drags her right leg a little and turns it outward but she's catching on so fast! There's a little mirror on the treadmill that Cora can see herself in, she thought that was pretty awesome. I took several videos that day, she also walked with the Y bike and had the best facial expressions but I can't get the videos to load.

At Jan's session I thought my heart would burst! Cora absolutely loves doing little nursery rhymes or games and as Jan was singing with her, Cora just made the most adorable and irresistible sounds and gestures. I thought my heart would melt all over the floor, it was the darn cutest thing I had seen in a long time! And Jan gave me a few snack ideas that are allergen free which has been a huge help. It was the first session that Jan has ever heard Cora and she's been working with Cora for a year now! I actually got teary eyed because it was the first time Cora had shown her true happy self in eight weeks (since being "sick").

It's days like this that I absolutely LOVE being so involved with all of Cora's therapies and doctor appointments. We are told over and over about everything she can't do or what she's behind on or what is abnormal about her. It's so nice to have days that we see and hear the progress. I'm so appreciative and absolutely humbled and grateful for her therapists!!! I was on cloud nine and on such a happiness high that day. You rock it, baby girl!

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