Saturday, April 30, 2016

All Prettied Up For Church

Isn't this dress just darling?! Christine found it at H&M for Cora for $7, what a steal! It has pockets and a gold zipper in the back, love it!

One of the nursery leaders is 50's-ish Sister Mary Morgan who is a bit mentally slow. She is stuck to Cora like glue and I don't even know how she knows about Cora's health challenges she's had to face but she's really taken a liking her her. She made Cora this beautiful little blanket so we made a thank you card and included this picture. I had Cora give it to her at church and thanked her over and over for the blanket. She looked at Cora and said pointing to her legs, "She wears braces like I do" and pointing her to head, "You know, she's special like me." Indeed they are both wonderful people and we are so touched by her kindness!

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Christine said...

Cora's ponytail is the cutest!