Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cora's Update

Last week Cora had five doctor appointments and I think we're still trying to recover a week later! It was so tiring and draining but we knocked them out one by one and are done with appointments for several weeks.

This is Cora getting her echocardiogram before seeing the cardiologist. I never in a million years thought she'd lay perfectly still for 40 minutes during the echo but she did! When they asked her to move her arms up or her chin up or lay on her side, she followed directions precisely without fussing. And we got good news! Both heart defects are still mild and we don't need to do any surgery at this time or any time in the near future. If she were to have problems it would likely be as an adult and the surgery would not be open heart, but a minimally invasive balloon through the femoral artery. We don't have to go back to cardio for two years!!!

At school she failed a hearing test three times in the right ear. They felt like the readings were accurate and luckily the next day was an appointment with ENT. They also did a hearing with an audiologist and found the same results - failing in the right ear. But the doctor found fluid and an ear infection, which explains a lot! He put her on a potent course of antibiotics and if it doesn't clear it up then we'll resort to putting in ear tubes. He also ordered a swallow study which he and the SLP are certain she'll pass so I'm anxious to get that done. Boy, wouldn't it be a dream not to thicken up all of her liquids!

We are still fighting her darn rash. I have no idea if it's environmental or food allergies. It's typically an allergic reaction to something but I'm completely stumped. We did a blood draw and are waiting for the test results on both of those panels.

Cora's crossing a lot of doctors off her list, we are mainly seeing only three specialists right now: ENT, allergist, ophthalmologist. The other 10 are either once a year or only as needed. Whew! We'll find out in July if she needs another surgery for eye tubes (most likely yes), in June if she has a hearing impairments and/or ear tubes (I'm thinking no to both), and June for the test results of the panels.

What a trooper and fighter, we sure love this little warrior!

Oh and we got her results from the school's cognitive evaluation......drum roll please.....................she tested only one months behind!!!!! I cried, oh my gosh did I cry!!

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