Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Kids' - isms

  • Is very mild and laid back, is not a risk taker, is cautious in everything he does
  • Loves to build with anything - blocks, legos, canned food in the pantry, mud, etc.
  • Loves to play sports - catch, soccer, baseball, football, basketball
  • Is ambidextrous - left handed with sports and right handed with writing
  • Loves to practice his numbers and letters
  • Is an excellent helper and pretty polite, he's become a little mom to Cora, "Oh honey, you'll fall so don't do that." "Good morning, Sis!" He even checks her diaper to see if she pooed.
  • Favorite expression, "HOLY MOLAR!!"
  • Is definitely a fish, he loves anything with water and I can't wait to put him in swimming lessons
  • Makes faces all day long and likes to make people laugh

  • Is a dare devil and climber, likes to do things by herself and her way and doesn't like help, she can be a little firecracker, definitely has the typical two year old fits (kimball never did at two)
  • Loves to dress up
  • Doesn't care for water and hates being splashed or any water on her face
  • Adores Kimball and copies any and everything he does
  • Loves food
  • Loves being outside and her favorite activity is swinging
  • Can say bubble and Mama. Her main way of communicating is through signing and body language
  • Loves to read books for hours at a time
  • Doesn't care for TV at all 

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