Thursday, April 14, 2016

One Year Anniversary

April 1, 2016 marked one year that Lance has been self employed. It's been a roller coaster year and a life style adjustment not having an 8-5 husband, but we made it and met goals as well! Here are the numbers:
  • 68,132 miles driven
  • 8,784 hours on call 
  • 1,650 removals/transports 
  • 30 funerals conducted 
  • 17 funeral homes served
Removals of note:
  • The dentist that invented the sprayer/sucker they use in your mouth so you no longer have to rinse/spit
  • Author Dick Clason who mainly wrote westerns and books about being a Beverly Hills cop
  • The lady that invented the "Mr. Yuck" sticker
Side note: we also submitted our final student loan payment!


Laura said...

Really cool statistics! So happy for you guys to have a successful first year!

*LaUrA* said...

Way to pay off the student loans!!! That is awesome! And way to go Lance!