Friday, July 27, 2012

Summertime Boating

July has been such a hot, sticky month. Seriously. Just so miserably hot. Dang hot!!! Our friends and neighbors, Mike and Jenna Steel, invited us to go boating with them and mama and papa Steel. We were going to go to Murtaugh Lake and thank goodness we didn't, that lake is so dirty and mossy. We went down to the Twin Falls instead.

Now, understand that Lance doesn't like water at all. So this is a big deal to him. He can handle a boat ride but getting whipped around on an intertube is utterly terrifying for him.
 Mike was first on board.
 Jenna is like Lance, she doesn't like the water at all. So she was the flag girl.
And now it's Lance's turn on the intertube. He was scared mostly of the fact that there's only one way to back into the boat - getting flipped off the intertube and having the boat come back around to pick him up.

I was so proud of him! He did great and even got flipped off the tube but he loved it! Next weekend he's going on the man trip with the guys in my family white water rafting. I think he'll love it and this boating trip helped qualm his fears about rafting.
 My turn! Man, I love me a big piece of adrenaline pie!
When we switched out the intertubes Jenna agreed to get on the tube with me at a very slow speed  up to the dock. She really didn't like it and felt safer in the boat.
This is the four-man tube. It was so much fun! Mike, Lance, and then me on the right. We got some serious air on this tube, it was awesome! Thank you Steels, it was such a blast and we're so ready for the next trip!!

Oh, I almost forgot about the quote of the day. Lance said, "Mike, you splashing with your one hand is like someone tickling me when I have to fart." Yeah, I guess you had to be there for that one.

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