Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

  • Thursday through Sunday Lance went with his Dad and Ryker Harris to Portland for the International Barbershop Competition. They loved it, of course!
  • In the mean while, Kimball and I went to the Stockdale Reunion (No pictures. I've found that when I'm a single parent at such events, it harder to be a mom plus photograph every moment). Friday we went to the Shoshone Falls and hiked up the trail with Kimball. I will never do that one again. It was bloody hot, super sweaty and stinky, and we didn't start until 11:30. I would have enjoyed it a lot more if it was first thing in the morning so it was cooler. At least I got my exercise in. Poor Kimball got sun burned and earned the name Big Red. I still feel the guilt.
  • Saturday we went to Steadman's in Raft River where this family allows people to use their yard for recreation. They have two ginormous slip n slides, zip line, volleyball area, candy cannon, shooting range, trampoline, swing set, etc. I didn't even see what was back behind the house because I was having too much fun on the slides. I got burnt to a crisp. Seriously though, a hoot and a half!
  • Kimball has his two bottom teeth coming in. Yay! He's a champ when it comes to teething, most babies are really grouchy and cry nonstop. My baby is a wonderful mellow fellow. (Thanks to Tei Fu).
  • Kimball has also gotten quite good at mimicking sounds. He loves to be scared when playing peek-a-boo so I generally make a loud yelling sound. He's learned to mimic my yell. Just today while I was at Costco he mimicked the checkout lady, she thought it was hilarious.
  • I took Kimball into the ENT doctor for his last hearing test this morning. He tested normal so the gentamicin they gave him in the NICU has not affected his hearing, but he still has some fluid behind his left ear from the ear infection he had a few weeks ago. Dr. Mayes said it isn't infected and doesn't have any puss, but if it doesn't clear up within three months then we'll resort to tubes in his ears. That's scary. My baby is too young for surgery. I'm praying his little body will just do what it needs to overcome the residual fluid.
I can't believe the summer is half over and on the other hand with the temperature being above 100 all week, I'm sort of glad. Our air conditioning unit for the house isn't big enough so the upstairs gets quite warm which makes for an unpleasant sleep. The summer has been busy so far with three family reunions, one baby shower, plenty of doctors visits, travels to Provo, Layton, Elba, Franklin, and Portland, Lance's birthday, house projects, and funerals. I think I'm ready for a summer break!

Great Grandma Jean Stockdale in her younger years
Great Grandpa Reed Stockdale in his younger years
(Stole these pictures from Sally on Facebook) This is me and Kimball going down one of the slides at Steadman's.
 Poor sun burned baby.

This is Kimball and Orion and London's legs. I think.
Me, far left listening to a voicemail. Kimball's in the bumbo while I eat.

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