Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend in Provo

Lance and I went to Provo for the weekend to visit Bonnie and Kempton, man it was hot (although nothing compared to Charleston weather). Lance hasn't had a vacation in a while and he was really itching to just relax for a bit with his brother. Those two went to the Muslim Mosque and an Arabic restaurant while Bonnie and I stayed at the apartment for manicures and pedicures.

This is how the babies greeted each other while Bonnie and I did our nails.

Bonnie had the genius idea to blow up a kiddie pool in the kitchen and let the boys chill for a while. Kimball liked it from the get go and eventually Isom did too. He had to get used to Kimball, every time Kimball would try to talk to him he pouted his lip and got real sad.

 Kimball loves anything with water

 Eventually the two swam to the side and just sucked on the pool

 Bonnie had these really cute swimming underwear for the boys, I've got to get some! Not to mention a pool for the little man.

 We tried to get a comparison of heads: Isom has a big head=98%. Kimball has a small head=not on the chart. These next few pictures you can kinda see what we mean.

 Happy boys!

 Isom loves to stick out his tongue. I think it's so cute.


 By the end, Isom's arms and feet were turning purple so we decided to get the boys out. But seriously, I need to invest in a pool!

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