Thursday, October 17, 2013

Feeling Loved

I'm so lucky I got two packages in the mail today from home. One was from Mom that contained Kimball's birthday present, a preemie outfit complete with booties, hats, blanket, and onesie, and the cutest July 4th dress for next year! It's so darling! When I saw Kimball's present I showed it to him and said, "Look Kimball! Grandma sent you a birthday present!" with lots of enthusiasm and he immediately tried for the first time ever to say Grandma. It sounded like "Mammaw" and was so cute.

Today I got a package from Christine! She made a bunch of adorable little bow and flower clips which is awesome because I have nothing for Baby Girl's hair, not even a headband which she sent me a pack of three of those. She also sent four outfits and a jar of cookie mix because she knows how much I love cookie dough. Which couldn't have come at a better time now that my toffee is almost gone. Guess what I'll be making tomorrow?! And since I need a new project to help pass the next six weeks, I can figure out how I'm going to store the clips and headbands and other hair accessories.


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