Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Kimball!

Kimball's 2nd birthday was Saturday but with the ward halloween party going on, we celebrated it on Sunday. Unfortunately, it was the day we met with the stake president before church so Kimball didn't get a nap. I'm sure he would have enjoyed the balloons and birthday celebration much more fully if he'd had a nap, poor boy. Which is why in most of the pictures he's not smiling but he really did have a good birthday. We just got him a coloring book and pj's, he got some candy from Grandma Cox and money to go to a really cool local toy store to pick out his own toy, and from Grandma Pettingill he got a cool connecting train set that lights up and makes noise. Right now Kimball and the train are inseparable.

I'm pretty proud of the cake simply because it isn't a traditional 9X13" cake that we grew up with. (Not that those weren't just as delicious). I made a devil's food with my favorite chocolate frosting. Mmmmmm, it was SO GOOD!!! And Kimball cried when he finished his cake.  :)  That means it was a success!

This video is weird. Donna wanted to be part of the festivities and watch Kimball open gifts so she was doing facetime with Lance on his phone while I'd put the camera on the coffee table to capture everything. Then Lance sat in front of the camera while we were singing and didn't know I'd already started the camera, so our happy birthday song got all messed up. Then Donna was concerned about taking pictures of her iPad with her smart time we'll just do the pictures and videos on our own and email it to anyone that wants to see it. ;) It just ended up weird, lol.

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