Monday, October 28, 2013

Midnight Thoughts

It's 1:00am as I begin typing this and I can't sleep. I should be able to as I've had about five cumulative hours of sleep within the last three days but my mind is racing so fast it just won't settle down. I have a lot to blog about: our ward's Trunk or Treat, Kimball's 2nd birthday, baby's delivery date, etc. but for now just a few thoughts to get out so I can sleep.

Today we met with the stake president right before church started to receive what we assumed was a calling for Lance. It was a calling for Lance but certainly not the one we had speculated. He was called to be the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. Wow. Shocking. Totally unexpected. After we met with President Lee for about 10 minutes we walked into sacrament meeting and Lance sat up on the stand. Weird. I think we're both still in shock. My immediate thoughts were, "Oh good, we really need the blessings. Oh good, we can get to know members of the ward much quicker. Oh good, at least one of us will have a calling and will get to serve in some capacity." Right now I'm totally thrilled, optimistic, and so looking forward to this added curve in our WA adventure. I'm sure in a week or month I will be complaining that Lance isn't home enough and I'm sick of sitting by myself with Kimball (and baby) at church. I really hope I don't turn that way. I'm going to support Lance any way that I can and support our ward any way that I can. I know it won't always be easy or convenient but since when is life either of those two things? I love this gospel and will try to help it along as I am able.

My only thought for today is that God really does work in mysterious ways. I don't see what He sees but I have faith that this is what's needed for our family and I have faith that this is what's best for us right now. I know Heavenly Father is so mindful of and loves his children, of that I do certainly know.

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