Monday, October 21, 2013

Love Sick

After reflecting on my last post I wondered, if my kids ever read this journal are they going to think they weren't wanted as a baby? And so I need to clarify a few things. Yes they are wanted! They were wanted as spirit children long before they were conceived. They were wanted as babies still in the womb. They were wanted as infants who deprived me of much needed sleep. They are wanted as toddlers. They are wanted as teenagers and adults, years down the road.

I love my children more than words can express! I have yet to meet baby #2 but I still love her. Yes, they were both planned. They were both thought about, discussed, fasted over, prayed over, and carefully planned. We anxiously anticipate(ed) their arrival and even more so with the complications they have/had during gestation.

And so baby girl, you are beyond wanted and needed and anticipated and loved! Your Daddy and I want you and love you now more than ever and have been fighting for you for so long. Don't ever question that. We will continue fighting for you and loving you.

It all comes with a heavy price tag (literally) and is a sacrifice. I mention sacrifice as a good thing because I wouldn't go through so much if I didn't want you, love you, or need you in my life. It's just a very big trial for me to endure so many months of physical and mental pain and strain.

Also, I want both of you kids to know that I love your Daddy. I love him very, very much!

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