Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Kimball Boy

I took these pictures of you on the day we celebrated your 2nd birthday. I didn't realize until looking back at them how much baby fat you still have. Not a lot, but enough that you slightly have baby features with the rolls on your wrists, arms, and little hands with dimples for knuckles. I didn't realize your hands were pudgy at all until someone else was washing off your lunch and she remarked how cute your pudgy hands were. And so I love these pictures simply because I can see your cute little rolls and pudgy hands; I know it won't be long before the baby is gone altogether.

I can't believe you're two! You're such a good boy and still a mild guy. I love your personality, you have so much of your Daddy in you. You love to talk and go on telling stories about who knows what. You laugh at yourself a lot. You play really well by yourself. You quit dancing to music but you still like music, especially cartoons with music in it. You love anything that has to do with Daddy, you and him are inseparable and it breaks your heart on days you don't get to see him. He's your best bud, your favorite playmate. You love cars and the moon and your favorite thing to watch is Sesame Street or Cars. You love dogs and cats. You love peanut butter, any of Daddy's soda, and will dip anything in ranch or ketchup. You transitioned to a twin bed like a pro and I'm really hoping potty training goes just as well.

Your Dad and I love you beyond any words could express. Our lives became full and rich once you joined our family and we can't imagine life without you. You bring so much joy and purpose into our day and although you throw fits every now and then just like any other two year old, you're still the best thing that has ever happened to us. We love you buddy!!!

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