Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Step Back

These pictures are from a day or two ago.

Cora regressed today. They took her out of the incubator and direct heat and into a crib to see how she would do holding her own temperature. She didn't do so well, her temperature dropped and it took her quite a while to raise it even being back in the incubator. Because she used so much energy trying to get her temperature back up she was too tuckered out to eat. She normally eats 30-50 ml but would only eat 10 ml before falling back asleep. So they had to put the feeding tube back in. Needless to say she won't be coming home tomorrow.

It's very discouraging, I was extremely hopeful we'd be bringing her home tomorrow especially since Mom is flying in. I keep trying to exercise patience and believe that it's best she stay in the NICU until her tiny little body is ready. I know the Lord is in control, it's just very hard to leave her everyday.

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Laura said...

She is so precious! Thinking about you a lot during this rough patch. Lots of hugs and prayers sent your way!