Monday, November 25, 2013

Hospital Day 5 - Today

Cora's bilirubin numbers went down a little bit today and she's also doing well with her feedings. She's making progress. I only got to see her once today but didn't get any pictures.

I woke up with another headache that was different than the spinal headache. I'm assuming it's because of my lack of food and sleep, so I tried to stay on top of the Tylenol, liquids, and food despite my nausea. I slept pretty much most of the day and visited Cora at the 2pm feeding. As soon as I got back to my room I got the green light to be discharged.

I'm home!!! It feels so good to be home and see Kimball, I sure missed that little guy! I've never been away from him for this long and missed him so stinking much! It's definitely going to be a struggle not to pick him up, how can I not cuddle and hug him??? I also instantly found myself wanting to clean and pick up the house......I'll have to constantly remind myself to take it easy when I'm used to always being on the go at home.

I left my baby girl in the hospital (tear, tear) but I know she's in good hands with the NICU staff. We continue to pray for her and can't wait to bring her home!

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Melea said...

I'm so happy you're home! I can't imagine leaving your baby at the hospital... thankfully I was only discharged a day before Jack and we talked (aka pestered) the NICU nurses into letting us spend that last night in the "family suite" in the NICU.

Hopefully Cora will be joining you at home soon! It sounds like she's making amazing progress!