Thursday, November 7, 2013

Motherhood of the Year Award

Thank goodness today is almost over! I haven't had any sleep in the last several days because of all the pregnancy pains and discomforts. Laying down is the worst and evokes the pain but I can't very well sleep standing up. To add fuel to the fire, I've got a stuffy nose which I didn't think was much at first but seems to be getting worse and spreading. A stuffy head and no sleep is not a good combination.

So today was a rough one to get through simply because I don't feel good at all!! Kimball was whiny which didn't help and I just tried to survive. Yes we watched a lot of netflix and pbs kids.

Mid morning I was working on sewing a diaper bag for Christine. Kimball was on our bed watching PBS kids and I'd given him a bowl of snacks to keep him happy while I sewed. He went upstairs to get a drink and I thought he was taking a long time so I decided to check on him. Oh dear. He'd found the kitchen knives and was trying to cut up a banana like he'd seen me do that morning. He cut up more than just the banana. Nothing makes your heart sink faster than the sight of blood that shouldn't be there, especially when stumbling in on your own child. It was all over the banana, the counter, the knife, the fridge. Kimball was fine and had no idea he was bleeding, luckily the cut wasn't deep at all and there was just one.

I immediately cleaned him up and went downstairs to the laundry room to find a bandaid for his thumb. When I opened the door I walked into a puddle. Something was leaking in the laundry room and water was all over. Great! So I put a bandaid on Kimball which he wouldn't keep on and called Lance. Apparently water comes up from the foundation when it rains a lot and with the snow/rain we've had the last few days, we've got a large puddle. That was my last straw and my day was shot.

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Laura said...

Grrrrrr! So sorry for that rotten day! Hopefully it means you have paid your dues and will have a super happy day soon!!