Wednesday, December 18, 2013

As Of Late

Wow, so much has been going on I haven't had time to blog. I typically blog in the evenings but with a newborn, I value my sleep and actually can sleep now that I'm not pregnant, I choose that over journaling.
  • Our ward Christmas party was on Saturday. I decided to go just to get out of the house and Kimball also needed some socializing.
  • The past four nights Cora has been up about every hour. I wonder if it's acid reflux or something but I'm trying everything I can to get her back on schedule and figure out if anything is wrong. Last night I put her back to bed in the car seat and she slept great! I don't know if it's because she's more propped up or because she's snuggled tighter.....I prefer her sleeping in the crib but I also prefer my sleep so I'm not sure what I'm going to do now.
  • Sunday night I caught Kimball's stomach flu. I was up all night writhing in pain and throwing up. Combine that with very little sleep and two children.....not fun! Luckily we have a great ward and I called a favor in to a friend who took Kimball all day while Lance stayed home from work to take care of Cora. Luckily it was short lived, just a 24 hour flu and I feel great right now.
  • Kimball is still adjusting to Cora. He doesn't like that I have to give my attention to feeding her or to taking care of the house, so he's been more whiny. Feeding times have become story and singing time for him. I wish I knew how to better balance my attention to his needs without neglecting Cora or what needs done around the house.
The biggest news of all? Lance was offered a promotion! I'm so proud of and grateful for him, he works SO stinking hard for our family and is very good at his job, he definitely deserved this promotion. The offer was to leave the embalming center at Hazen & Jaeger as manager and go manage Ball & Dodd and their crematory. Same corporation just a different location, it's still here in Spokane. His boss, Caryn, gave him some great compliments and said (paraphrasing), "When I offered you the job to manage the care center, I told you it would take a good year for you to learn the ropes and make all the changes necessary to make it more efficient. You told me you could do it in six months and I told you no, that you needed the full year. Well, you proved me wrong and did it in four months. What you did to the care center I now need you to do at Ball & Dodd."

There are pros and cons to every job, he's really going to miss the flex staff. Vicki actually cried when she found out he was starting a new position, that was sweet. There are new challenges at Ball & Dodd that didn't exist at the care center so he'll have to face all those head on. He'll have new responsibilities that are different, be working directly with different coworkers, and much more involved in the crematory (about 40% of his time). But overall, this is a great opportunity. We moved to Spokane because of opportunity and we can't very well turn down a promotion, so he accepted the position. What a blessing! He has a great boss, great coworkers, and most importantly he loves doing what he does for a living. We are surely blessed!

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