Thursday, December 19, 2013


Yesterday I had really good intentions. I wanted to do a little something extra for Lance so he knows how much we appreciate all that he does for our family so I thought I'd help the kids make salt dough impressions. Then I was going to put those plaques in his lunch box to surprise him the next day with a sweet note. He could keep the plaques on his desk at work and look at them whenever he needed a little break......I thought it was a good idea anyway.

So Kimball and I got to work making the salt dough. Then we did foot impressions of him and Cora, and a thumbprint impression of the kids I wanted for myself to make some kind of jewelry out of. The thumbprints didn't work, they ended up looking more like belly buttons.

 Looking good in the oven.
Uh oh! I forgot to poke holes in the dough. Great, the impressions raised and are now ruined. And to make things worse, I left them out on the counter to cool while I took Cora to her doctors appointment. Well, Lance got home before we did so he saw them anyway. I guess it's the thought that counts? Just know Lance, I really did have good intentions for a cute surprise.

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