Saturday, December 7, 2013


After weeks of anticipation Mom finally arrived! She got in on Friday and stayed through yesterday, so a full week. The first half of her trip Cora wasn't home from the NICU yet so Kimball got her full attention. He loved every minute!

I already knew I had the best mom anyone could ever ask for. But now I'm just so speechless as to how blessed I am to have her as my own and to have her as my children's Grandma. She cooked every lunch and dinner and made up at least 10 meals for our freezer. She bought us a ton of groceries. She cleaned and scrubbed the house top to bottom. She even raked up leaves and other debris that was outside from past tenants. She did all the laundry. She bathed Kimball everyday. She let me sleep in or nap as I needed. She even went the extra mile to make sure I had my extra indulgences: she made up a batch of cookie dough and put it in the freezer for me! Needless to say my house has never been cleaner nor my freezer and fridge so full and packed to the edge with food and meals.

Since Cora got home Tuesday night, I only had two full days of her helping me transition from one to two kids. I'm hoping it won't be as difficult as I imagine and I wish I had her here longer. Maybe it's in my best interest to learn to do it on my own, I don't know. I wish she was here a lot longer.

Yesterday the kids and I dropped her off at the airport. I knew it was going to be hard to see her leave but I didn't know exactly how hard it was going to be. Kimball and I were bawling hysterically all the way home. Literally. And I didn't stop there, when Lance got home from work I lost it again and the water works kept on going. 

I cannot begin to express my immense gratitude and love for my Mom!

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