Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little Lady

Yesterday Cora had a doctors appointment with the geneticist. Of all the different "soft markers" and "dysmorphic features" the prenatal and NICU doctors were concerned about, Lance and I just felt like it wasn't that big of a deal. They seemed to make so much hype about it all and got us terrified that she'd have some kind of genetic disorder or disease. They said her right ear has an extra skin fold, she tucked and held her thumbs in her hand, she didn't have any eyebrows or eyelashes, etc. Not true about any of it, not to me anyway. (Isn't "dysmorphic features" the worst phrase ever to describe a baby? I really wanted to scratch it off all their notes)!

We went to the appointment that the NICU had set up for us. They'd already had a blood sample to run for several different tests, M-something. Everything came back normal. The soft markers don't mean anything. Everything that they had scared us with had nothing behind it. Thank goodness! And I don't know how to tell them this but........I told you so, doctors!

We found out she weighed 7.9 lb. and I knew she was growing because her only preemie outfit was starting to fit. Today I got out her first outfit to wear instead of just pajamas. This outfit was the very first one I bought with Christine and Mom when we found out we were both expecting. I didn't know yet that I was having a girl but I bought this ladybug outfit anyway, it was just too cute and I love the coral color. I love all of her different expressions, I sure love this little lady!!!

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Jerusha said...

What a sweet heart! I'm glad every thing is going well!