Friday, January 10, 2014


Next week we are going home to visit! Yay!!! I'm SOOOO excited I can hardly stand it. I'm anxious to get out of the house since I don't leave much these days with two kids. Kimball needs to see his grandparents, I'm homesick, and Cora has a lot of new family members to meet. I've begun making lists and mentally preparing for this trip, I've never flown with kids before and thank goodness Lance will be by my side so we can team tackle this together. I also have a lot of odds and ends to pack to give to various people: formula for Christine, fabric for mom, pants for mom to hem, stuff for Heather's baby shower, a new shirt to give away because it doesn't fit me right, etc. etc. etc. Friday night all the sisters in law, mom, and myself are throwing Heather a baby shower for her new little Mister, I'm excited! I'm just excited in general, I hope it's a great trip and I'm really looking forward to a lot of things. Oh and one major thing, (how could I forget?!) we will be blessing Cora that Sunday in our old ward. We figured we might as well since the majority of family is in Twin and nobody will have to travel up here in the winter.

The last few days have been very frustrating. Kimball has been going through the major jealousy/not-enough-attention phase because of the new baby. There has been a lot of yelling, hitting, throwing toys, throwing fits, and the like. I've tried everything I can think of for the both of us to pull through this adjustment period but nothing is working. Nothing! Yesterday I didn't even make it to 10:30am before I called Lance at work and bawled. I'm open to suggestions...any suggestions!

Cora is growing too fast. This week I switched out her newborn clothes to 0-3 months. It was bittersweet because I'm glad she's growing but sad to see each little newborn phase pass.

I tried a new recipe that I got from either Mom or Debra. It's called Chocolate Walnut Crumb Bars - seriously delicious! I think I've had 5-6 pieces a day which means the pan is almost gone.

I wish I had a lot of money to spend frivolously on craft supplies. I was at Joann's picking out fabric to make my cousin a receiving blanket and they had a HUGE selection of flannel, most of the prints I hadn't seen before and I started day dreaming of all the cute baby blankets I could make. And then of course I had to stroll through the bead aisle and drooled some more over there. Then I quickly browsed at the new spring decor. Sigh. I would love to buy hundreds of yards of fabric and thousands of beads just to have on hand so I'll always have a project to work on without having to wait for "craft" money (which almost never comes my way because the medical bills keep stacking up and the ever present students loans). I guess if I had lots of money at my disposal then the projects wouldn't be as special and I'd lose interest in sewing and beading. On second thought, who am I kidding? Of course I'll still love those things and extra money for it would be extra awesome!  :)

I'm really thankful for our ward and my good friends here. They really mean a lot to me and make it worthwhile and meaningful to live away from home. This Sunday I get a new calling and after almost a year of not being able to go to church or serve the Lord, I'm anxious and happy to have a new calling!

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