Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Visit Home

We finally were able to get a much needed break! Dad let us use his sky miles to go home for five days, THANK YOU Dad!!! Here we are on our way, we were very nervous about flying with two kids but overall they did great. Kimball was whiny on the way there but it was his nap time. The pilot let him go up into the cockpit and the flight attendants gave him a wing pin for his shirt. Cora just slept the whole time. I tried to be as prepared as I could so in Kimball's backpack I packed new toys from the dollar store so he wouldn't be bored with old ones, new snacks he doesn't usually eat, extra clothes and wipes, etc. Turns out all Kimball really wanted to play with was the window, the tray, and the seat belt. I should have known. On the way home we had a three hour layover in SLC which we were dreading but it turned out quite nice! It gave us a chance to sit down in a restaurant for dinner, take a long walk, let Kimball wander, and change some bums.

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