Friday, January 24, 2014


I wanted to remember a few things about Cora's blessing, (the words I'll write elsewhere). It was a very special blessing for a very special baby, particularly knowing all of the miracles that haven taken place in her life both prenatally and after birth. Most of the those miracles I won't share, I keep them close to my heart as I always reflect on the Lord's tender mercies. We felt very strongly what her name should be, Cora Julie Cox, and now as I ponder it the meaning and significance sinks deeper and deeper. Cora is a family name on the Watson side and her middle name Julie is after my own Mom. She was blessed in the same dress and booties that I was blessed in. I made her the blessing bracelet and Bonnie made her the blessing headband. The pastel rainbow blanket was made by my Great Grandma Jean Fife Stockdale, Grandma Pettingill's mother. I was given the blanket when Grandpa started cleaning out the house after Grandma passed away, I wasn't sure who made the blanket but all of Grandma's kids (Dad, Wade, Sally, & Karen) assured me that Great Grandma Stockdale made it.The white blanket Kimball was blessed with was also made by Grandma Stockdale although it isn't in my possession, that one is Dad's.

Cora was so beautiful, so pure and innocent! I'm humbled and brought to tears as I think of the depth of my love for my children. Just looking at their adorable faces and hearing their sweet voices brings me such joy. They are certainly a gift from Heavenly Father! It can be challenging to be a mother but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Not for money or time or fame or success. I thank Heavenly Father for my knowledge that I am sealed to my husband and precious children for all eternity, that alone makes my heart content. But coupled with the time that I get to spend with them on this earth makes my heart content and full and joyous and blessed. I'm just so, SO grateful I don't know how to adequately express my feelings.

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