Thursday, January 30, 2014

Love My Cubs

This post has to start with a big sigh and a deep breath.....

My little sweetie pie has been quite fussy at night. From about 4:00-11:00 every night she just cries and fusses and has done this ever since we've been home from our trip. I wonder if she's sick or has acid reflux or what but I'm totally dumbfounded about what to do. She won't lay on the floor after eating to kick and wiggle, she just cries. If I'm lucky enough to get her to sleep she'll wake herself up 10 minutes later from spitting up and she's been spitting up a lot. About 2 oz. or so at times, sometimes a little less. I give her a bath almost every night to get her to calm down. Once she does fall asleep for the night, about 11:00, she'll sleep for 3-4 hours in her crib or 6-7 hours in the car seat and 80% of the time I put her in the car seat because I'm so stinking tired and need sleep. I wonder if the car seat helps because she's more upright. Swaddling, pacifiers, swaying, rocking, or anything else doesn't help. I can't tell if she's sick or has acid reflux, I don't know if she's colic. I just don't know what to do about it any more.

She doesn't have a fever that I can tell, I'm just convinced she has the Cox digestive issues. But she does have a regular doctor appointment with the pediatrician next week so I'll wait and see what he says.

Also since we've been home from our trip, Kimball has been a totally different kid. He quit throwing fits, throwing toys, yelling, and everything else that was driving me crazy. It's been so nice!! He's also been much more kind to Cora. He'll now lay down by her when she's having floor time, always wants to hold her, and will try to console her if she's crying. He's so cute with her it just makes my heart smile!

Even with Cora being so fussy at night and the occasional squawk from Kimball, I love being their mother! I wouldn't trade my job for anything, my children are so special and dear to me. I just love my cubs!

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Jerusha said...

I'm no expert, but it sounds like reflux to me... Especially since she sleeps better in her car-seat.