Friday, August 1, 2014

A Few Photos Since Being Home

My all American cutie pies!
 This girl smiles all. the. time. and completely lights up my life. I just have to take her picture, she's so photogenic!

 These next three photos were during Cora's doctor appointments this week. She had four appointments and next week she has two more. See what I mean? Always smiling, even when being tortured at the doctor's office.

  I'm getting ready to potty train Kimball and had him try on his new underwear. He immediately stood on the coffee table and started dancing. I only wish Lance would've been home to see it. This kid cracks me up!
 SO CLOSE to rolling over! She always gets stuck on her arm.
 I warned Kimball not to put his head in there. He didn't listen.


Christine said...

That dance on the table cracked me up! What a goober! Such cute kids you have!

Matt and Debbie said...

What precious children. Your letter to your family brought tears streaming down my cheeks, so tender. You, Lane, Kimball, and Cora are a wonderful family.