Friday, August 1, 2014

July In Photos

June 26 through July 22 I spent in Idaho with family! Lance drove us all to  Boise where we had the Watson reunion for the weekend and then he flew back to Spokane. He can't get four weeks off of work, after all. When he left I took the kids and drove down to Twin Falls to see the rest of the Cox's and Pettingill's. I wasn't on the phone or computer much which was nice to be unplugged, at times the kids and I would FaceTime Lance so he could see them. We had a nice time despite the heat.

 Looks like Charity took a selfie with Cora

 Mom was so generous to get the fabric and help Christine and I make these quilts. It only took us two days, it was one of my favorite times!

 My cubbies!

 I was glad to be able to attend Trish's mom's funeral. It was nicely done and I'm so thankful for the gospel in my life. Charity even played the piano and I told her if she did I'd give her $10. So instead of handing over the money I decided to take her and Devin out for the day. We did some shopping for their school clothes, had lunch at Chic Fil A, and shared a milkshake. It was really a lot of fun!

 And this is my love note when I got home, Lance was very anxious to see us! I drove by myself with the kids the entire way home. It was long and hard at times but we made it home. There's certainly no place like home!

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