Sunday, August 24, 2014


  • We checked out a grab bag of books from the library that are all about the fall season. Ever since, Kimball has been obsessed with pumpkins and scarecrows. I guess this will be the first year that we carve pumpkins together.
  • He's been learning all of his colors really well and has all of them down
  • He loves singing primary songs and always requests "God" song (I'm A Child of God) at bed time
  • I need to potty train him and got the courage to do it last week but I've been helping out a friend who's moving and knew I wouldn't be consistent with the potty training while watching four additional children. I think I'll start next week, he's definitely ready.
  • Loves to make people laugh and pull faces
  • I love the way he says certain words: pertica (harmonica), cay cake (cupcake), ha hog (hot dog), pie pad (Ipad), crathee (crazy), prezzee (pretzel)
  • He adores Cora
  • Does really well sitting up and I haven't been putting a pillow behind her to soften her fall, she seldom falls backward. But she still needs help every now and then not falling to the sides.
  • Has started to reach one hand forward towards a toy when she's on her hands and knees
  • Started clapping!! I haven't even been working with her on this one at all, she got it all by herself :)
  •  Is slowly getting better at rolling over. Lance said he saw her roll completely over without lying on her arm! Of course I wasn't home to see it.  :( 
  • She loves her oat cereal and this week I introduced the probiotic to her diet. I'm really hoping this works and helps her digestive system so that introducing more solid foods will be easier for her. I'm ready to move onward with her diet!
Lance & Becky
  • Has been working a lot more than usual. He's missed a lot of bed times and I've missed his help. 
  • His quartet sang at the North Idaho fair this past weekend and he brought me home some kettle corn. He's nice like that.
  • We're both enjoying our callings as VT coordinator and second counselor in the bishopric
  • We've been going on walks together as a family in the evenings. It's been so nice, I love doing it! The weather has been perfect and we have great conversations.
  • Lately we've been addicted to homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

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