Friday, August 1, 2014

A Mistake, A Friendship, and Divine Guidance

I made a dumb mistake and ran out of formula while I was in TF. I called the medical supply company I have to order from and they were closed - idiot me, I didn't realize it was the fourth of July which also made for an extended weekend of closed business days with the postal service. So, I'm out of Cora's specific formula. I called around to different pharmacies and drugstores to see if they carried it. Nope. I finally found some at a local medical supply company in TF and they charge $70 PER CAN!! I didn't have a choice, I needed two cans. I went and stood in line for an eternity and finally as I was checking out, the lady in line next to me said, "Oh I have some of those cans, do you want them?" Psh! Do I?! I told her yes and she lived just down the road about a half mile so I followed her there. She gave me three cans of formula, saved me $210, and a new and life changing friendship began.

Long story short, Denise has a 10 month old baby who also has the exact same digestion issues that Cora had. She explained to me how she has to take him to Boise and SLC all the time for all of his specialist doctor visits, and isn't getting any help! She can't get a doctor to listen to her at all and with all the thousands of dollars she's spent without getting anywhere, the miles she's driven, and the poor baby who is suffering - I'm utterly speechless and thoroughly disgusted!

We exchanged contact information and I've since talked with her about the tests she needs to have done so that she can have the same stomach surgery as Cora, to finally help her baby. She also gave me some great tips which are so helpful. It really broke my heart as she spilled at how frustrated she was and about ready to give up. She was done, sick of fighting, sick of not getting any help and no doctors that listen. I felt so bad and I've never been so thankful to live in Spokane!!!

And because of this, I'm so eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven who guided us to where we are now. When Lance got the job offer in Spokane, I was only 8-9 weeks pregnant with Cora and very sick. There was no way that we nor the doctors would've known that there was anything wrong with Cora at all. It took us a little while to make our decision final and after speaking with our bishop, we decided that we needed to be in Spokane. Little did we know, we needed to be in Spokane for Cora. We've been blessed with such great medical care, have had a lot of rough bumps in the road but overall we are so blessed!

I'm only hope that by some small measure, I can help my new, dear friend by sharing my experience with her. I hope she finds someone to listen. I told her if she doesn't, then she can come stay with us in Spokane and use all of Cora's doctors until she's able to get the help that her baby needs. Perhaps it was a good thing that I idiotically ran out of formula.

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