Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kimball Update

Kimball is quite a character! He's got so much personality in that little body, he must get it from his dad. He's funny, smart, talks my ear off, has a contagious laugh and smile, loves anything outdoors, loves anything with an engine, loves to sing and dance, and absolutely adores his sister.

I love that he wants to be involved with Cora at all times. He really wants to play with her and have more interaction from her, but one day she'll be able to do that. He plays peek a boo with her, tries to scare her, shares his cars with her, makes funny faces at her, and most times he'll just sit there and laugh with her. One time I even caught him brushing her hair, it was the cutest thing! And I love the way he says Cora's name - Corla (said with a Mexican accent).

I haven't started potting training him yet because well, because I haven't been home to be consistent and because he doesn't really have a desire. Until the other day. I had him try on his new underwear and he immediately jumped onto the coffee table and started dancing. It was hilarious! I'll probably start potty training him in the next week or so although I'm terrified of the process.

I can't believe he's soon going to be 3 and that means he'll be a Sunbeam next year. Crazy! I love that boy but he does know how to push my buttons. After we got home from TF he became a yelling and hitting machine and it's only toward me. I've been really trying to exercise patience during his spontaneous tantrums so hopefully together we can sort it out. I'm hoping he's still just adjusting to being back home.

I'm so thankful he's part of our family, he definitely keeps me on my toes and is a good protector of his sister. He cracks me up on a daily basis with the faces he makes and the songs he sings, it's just too cute and melts my heart.

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